10 Things I Have Found To Be True Over And Over Again

Thought Catalog

10. Life is too short for Top 40s pop music, boring books, weak coffee, and fickle friends.

Learn what things are important to you, and prioritize accordingly.

9. You’ll be a much happier person if you learn to appreciate what you have.

It seems cliché, but yearning for something you may never get will lead you to miss the great things all around you. Value your experiences without dwelling on the past, and be grateful for the good things (even when bad stuff pops up along the way).

8. Exercise should not be about numbers.

If you work out because it is good for your mind and your body, you will enjoy yourself a lot more than if you obsess over those last five pounds, or painstakingly calculate every calorie you burn.

7. Your beauty and self-worth are not contingent upon anything else.

Remind yourself that you are desirable and deserving…

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