The best is yet to come

At times life will hit you with problems, so hard you can’t even understand why it’s happening. Things that will challenge you, your mind and your strength.

But I think that whatever it is, we should always just look at the brighter side of things.

If you are mending a broken heart, being sad for quite some time seems understandable, but, you should know when to stop and get your shit back together.

Whine for a while. Cry for a while. But after all this, learn to be happy. Move on with your life. Because it may be true that love makes the world go round, but dear! There’s more to life than love.

When academics is again a living hell, be patient! It may be hard for the moment but it won’t stay that way forever. Push yourself into working! It will come to an end, and eventually, you’ll have your little piece of heaven.

Struggle with family life will always be there, but hey you aren’t the only person thinking about it, you are not the only one affected. Remember, you have your family with you. You don’t have to go through it alone.

So whatever it is, just stay positive! A better outlook in life will not only help you but the people that sees you as well.


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